Each characters have skills unique to their class, there are 2 types of skills Passive and active, active skills can be only be used in battle and must be activated whilst passive skills are always in effect without having to be activated. Each skill is able to rank up once your character hits certain levels, passive skills can rank up to level 10 and active can rank up to level 5 each rank increases the skills stats.

Warrior skills Edit

Dash - Active Skill Edit

Charge forward, slashing nearby enemies multiple times, dealing a percentage of damage (percent depends on level). Enemies may be slashed up to 6 times.

Parry - Active Skill Edit

tap to parry an incoming attack, blocking the damage and dealing a percentage of damage (percent depends on level) or hold the skill button to block attacks, reducing incoming damage by 50%

Blade Barrage - Active Skill Edit

Let lose a barrage of heavy attacks, damaging and dazing enemies. Rapidly tap the skill button to let loose up to 5 strikes, each causing a percentage of damage (percent depends on level).

Whirlwind - Active Skill Edit

Unleash a spinning flurry of deadly blows, striking enemies up to * times (amount of hits depends on levels). Each strike deals a percentage of damage (percent depends on level).

Stone Skin - Passive Skill Edit

Permanencrease can stack up to 9 times, but the benefit will decrease as health is regained.

Monk Skills Edit

Mage Skillsvf Edit

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